Marmo K Floor

Extra-fine white or colored finish finish with marble effect based on aerated lime, hydraulic binders, selected pure aggregates with a maximum particle size of 0.4 mm and cellulose, characterized by aesthetic uniqueness, degree and type of finish customizable in relation to processing, high workability and ease of application, elasticity, adhesion and resistance to abrasion, resistance to atmospheric agents.

Marble K Floor has a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and it is completely recyclable at the end of its life.

Marble K Floor is suitable for smooth finishing with marble effect on base screeds based on cement or lime and cement or lime and cocciopesto, with suitable mechanical characteristics.

Marble K Floor is particularly suitable for making finishes on base screeds based on lime and / or cement or lime and cement as long as they have suitable mechanical characteristics. The application on gypsum base screed can be carried out after the use of an appropriate insulating primer.

The substrate must be consistent, cohesive, free of dust, salt efflorescence, oils, mold or other material organic and in general any other substance that may affect the finish coating grip.

Marble K Floor can also be used to clog the porosity of porous raw screed which can then be sanded to bring to view the inert and the finish of the finish present in the pores as well as the practice in the production of cement sand screeds "sown" with selected aggregates in anticipation of finishing with waxes, linseed oil or suitable consolidating and protective substances.