K OttO

Special high-adhesion adhesive and smoothing mortar with high adhesion, elasticity and impact resistance, in compliance with the ETAG 004 requirements, with very low volatile organic content, breathable, lime-based and special hydraulic binders, selected pure aggregates with a maximum granulometry of 0 , 8 mm and additives, completely recyclable at the end of its life, suitable for: >

  • bonding and shaving of panels for thermal insulation with sheets (EPS, XPS, expanded polyurethane foam, cork, wool of rock, wood fiber, calcium - siliceous etc.)
  • shaving of new or existing plasters, in exterior or interior
  • shaving of plasterboard panels, fibro cement, fiber wood
  • concrete shaving
  • The progressive increase in the thermal performance of opaque envelopes deriving from the evolution of legislation on energy saving has led in recent years to the use of more and more performing insulation materials and the greater thickness. The consequent direct result is the increase in tensile stresses both in terms of the reinforced shaving layer and the finish of the panels, associated with the thermal gradient between the slab and the external environment.
    K OttO is the adhesive / skim coat able to keep up with the evolution of insulating systems thanks to the high characteristics of elasticity, workability, impact resistance, breathability, hygroscopicity and hygrothermal regulation ability.

    K OttO is particularly suitable for bonding insulating sheets in EPS, XPS, expanded polyurethane foam, rock wool, cork, wood fiber, calcium silicate, in brick walls, bricks pored, solid brick, concrete, concrete blocks, existing plasters and for subsequent shaving with drowned glass fiber net of a weight greater than 150 g / m2 preparative for any type of mineral finish (acrylic, siloxane, silicate, lime ) or painting.
    K OttO is indicated for the realization of smoothing with or without reinforcement mesh on new plasters (provided they are mature) or existing plasters. It is suitable for smoothing plasterboard panels, fiber cement, used in light constructions after application of acrylic primer and interposed glass fiber mesh of suitable weight.

    Impact resistance