Special two-component mortar based on hydraulic binders, selected pure aggregates of fine particle size and polymers in aqueous dispersion for the realization of flexible shavings impermeable to water, salts and carbon dioxide, with high adhesion on concrete, plasters, cementitious screeds, brick walls, ceramic or stone slabs or slabs, panels in fibro-cement, fibro-plaster, plasterboard, marine plywood, wood fiber, cellular concrete or similar. Thanks to the use of a particular emulsion, the hardened product remains elastic and deformable even at temperatures well below zero, it is not subject to the degradation of de-icing salts, chlorides, nitrates or sulphates or carbon dioxide and it is able to adhere in excellent way to the supports for which its use is indicated .

ElastoKappa it is suitable for:

  • waterproofing and protecting concrete from the absorption of water, salts and carbon dioxide
  • waterproofing and protection of plasters based on hydraulic binders
  • waterproofing and protection of plasterboard panels, fibro-plaster, fibro-cement, marine plywood, wood fiber, cellular concrete and similar
  • waterproofing of masonry feet in mixed stone or solid brick
  • waterproofing and protection of summit wall coverings or of boards under brick tile
  • waterproofing of balconies, bathrooms, showers, terraces before laying the tiles
  • waterproofing ceramic or stone claddings of terraces or balconies

ElastoKappa is characterized by:

  • very high elasticity even at low temperatures (up to -20 °C);
  • very high adhesion
  • very low permeability to carbon dioxide
  • resistance to UV rays
  • resistance and non-permeability to salts

ElastoKappa respects the principles dictated by UNI EN 14891 (liquid applied waterproofing products to be used under ceramic tiles glued with adhesives).

ElastoKappa is used for waterproofing vertical structures (eg waterproofing of walls against ground) or horizontal (eg waterproofing balconies or terraces before laying tiles) in both positive and negative thrust, consisting of from concrete supports, basins or slabs, sand and cement screeds, blocks or plasters based on hydraulic binders, plasterboard panels, fibro-cement, marine plywood and similar that are intended to protect against absorption or water infiltration.

ElastoKappa forms a protective layer impermeable to water and carbon dioxide, resistant to de-icing salts, which gives resistance to freeze-thaw to the substrate on which it is applied and able to prolong its useful life. It is ideal for the protection of terraces and balconies and in general of concrete or hydraulic mortars in order to increase or adapt their durability according to the exposure class.