Muro K Idro

Water repellent mortar for the rehabilitation and dehumidification of walls damaged by capillary rising of water and the presence of water-soluble salts, with controlled shrinkage and high mechanical performance, high workability, thixotropy, plasticity and elasticity, low content of water-soluble salts, not reactive in the presence of salts in the masonry, of very low VOC content and completely recyclable at the end of life, based on natural hydraulic lime NHL3,5, pozzolanic materials, selected pure aggregates with a maximum particle size of 3 mm, ideal for interventions recovery of existing walls, especially if subject to protection, damaged by the presence of meteoric water or capillary rising.

Summary of characteristics:

  • Does not contain Portland cement.
  • Does not contain organic resins or additives sources of VOC.
  • Class CS IV according to UNI EN 998-1.
  • Product resistant to freeze-thaw.
  • Does not provide water-soluble salts to masonry.
  • It does not react with any sulfates contained in the masonry and therefore is compatible with historic walls.
  • Breathable and hygroscopic, prevents formation of mold and condensation, regulates the hygrometric content of the rooms.
  • Reversible and compatible with the historical walls.
  • Completely recyclable at the end of life.

Wall K Idro can be used as a dehumidifying plaster on walls in solid brick, mixed stone, brick, concrete, sand and cement blocks, tuff or calcarenite, in all the cases in which high characteristics of breathability, chemical inertness and low content of water-soluble salts of the product to be restored are required to guarantee the effectiveness and durability of the intervention and in which the state and functionality of the existing plaster is adversely affected by the presence of water for ascending or capillary absorption.

Wall K Idro is highly breathable and water repellent and is particularly indicated for the protection of the lower part of the wall from rainwater or stagnation water.

The extremely low content of water-soluble salts allows to reduce the risk of formation of salt efflorescence and of the phenomena of aesthetic degradation and / or detachment of finishes on the walls on which it is applied.

The main fields of application are summarized below:

  • Dehumidifying plaster on internal or external walls.
  • External protection plaster from meteoric water on masonry exposed to atmospheric agents.
  • Top cover for protection from atmospheric agents of stone or solid brick walls.
  • Clog to prevent water from rising capillarity in thermal rehabilitation interventions with plaster or absorbent insulating sheets.