Primer K

Micro acrylic water emulsion particularly suitable for the insulating and consolidating treatment of absorbent mineral surfaces, not very consistent or powdering, alkali resistant and compatible with the air and hydraulic binders normally used in construction (aerial lime, hydraulic lime, cement, gypsum).

Primer K is ideal for fixing and consolidating primers on existing lime or cement based plasters, lime-based finishes, screeds, weak consistency and cohesion surface. Thanks to the reduced average size of the particles and the particular composition Primer K it is able to penetrate deeply into the support, favoring a high regrouping and anti-cortical action that is both cortical and deep. In addition, it reduces and makes the water absorption of the treated surfaces homogeneous, favoring the adhesion of subsequent treatments of painting or shaving / mineral finishing.

It can also be used as a bridge adhesion primer on smooth surfaces. or little absorbent type concrete or be added to mortars based on air or hydraulic binders to improve its elasticity and adhesion.

Summary features:

  • Insulating and recasting agent acrylic in water.
  • Ideal for the consolidation of plasters, absorbent mineral products based on cement or gypsum, or as an insulating treatment for plasterboard, fibrogesso, fiber cement.
  • Can be used as a bridge primer adherence on concrete or smooth and low-absorbent substrates or in addition to mortars based on air or hydraulic binders to improve adhesion and elasticity.
  • Micro emulsion with high penetrating action.
  • Does not contain organic solvents.
  • Does not form barrier a l vapor.
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays.
  • Very low VOC content.

Primer K is used on both new and existing plasters based on hydraulic binders (hydraulic lime, natural hydraulic lime, cement) or aircraft (aerated lime or gypsum), a grass-based civil setting, panels in fibrogesso, fibrocemento, plasterboard or equivalent, for the purpose of re-consolidating and re-consolidating the support or regulating the absorption of water in anticipation of the subsequent realization of shavings, mineral finishes or paints, laying of tiles or wallpaper.