Muro K

Structural grout for consolidation and reinforcement of masonry, high mechanical performance, high workability, thixotropy, plasticity and elasticity, with controlled shrinkage, low content of water-soluble salts, non-reactive in the presence of salts in the masonry, very low VOC content, natural hydraulic lime base NHL3,5, selected pure aggregates with a maximum particle size of 3 mm, ideal for reinforcing, securing, consolidation and seismic upgrading of existing buildings that are also subject to protection.
Summary of characteristics:

  • does not contain portland cement
  • does not contain resins or organic additives VOC sources
  • class M15 according to EN 998-2
  • class CS IV according to EN 998-1
  • produced with high mechanical performance, but not rigid
  • does not provide water-soluble salts to the masonry
  • does not react with any sulfates contained in the masonry and therefore it is compatible with the historical walls
  • breathable and hygroscopic, prevents the formation of mold and condensation, regulates the hygrometric content of the environments
  • reversible and compatible with the historical walls

Wall K can be used as a plaster with or without reinforcement mesh, as a reinforcing hood on vaults or as a mortar for masonry walls on solid brick walls, brick bricks, sand and cement bricks , mixed stone, tufa or calcareniti.
The main fields of application are summarized below:

  • Roughcast and / or transpirable plaster on stone or brick walls.
  • Rinzaffo and / or reinforcing plaster reinforced with metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber nets, suitably connected to the masonry, on walls in stone, tuff or brick.
  • Allocation of stone walls, tuff or full brick.
  • Stitching of masonry in stone, tufa or solid brick by means of stapes made with dismantling and localized reconstruction of the masonry.
  • Stitching joints in mixed masonry stone, tuff or solid brick.
  • Reinforced or not reinforced masonry joints in stone, tuff or ma full tone.
  • Reinforcement of the vaults in solid brick or in mixed stone with the execution of a hood armed with nets in metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber suitably connected at a time.
  • Total or partial leveling of the extrados of irregular vaults for consolidation by reinforcing strips made of steel, carbon fiber or glass fibers.