Muro K SRG

Special structural mortar for the consolidation and reinforcement of the walls with low thickness through inorganic composite reinforcement systems and steel, carbon, glass fiber networks with suitable characteristics, high mechanical performance, high workability, thixotropy, plasticity and elasticity, with controlled shrinkage, low content of water-soluble salts, non-reactive in the presence of salts in the masonry, very low VOC content, based on NHL3,5 natural hydraulic lime complying with UNI EN 459-1, materials with pozzolanic action, aggregates pure selected materials with a maximum particle size of 1.4 mm, ideal for reinforcing, securing, consolidation and seismic upgrading of existing buildings that are also subject to protection.
Summary of characteristics:

  • does not contain portland cement
  • very low content of VOC
  • class M15 according to EN 998-2
  • class CS IV according to EN 998-1
  • product with high adhesion and pre mechanical station, but not rigid
  • does not provide water-soluble salts to the masonry
  • does not react with any sulfates contained in the masonry and therefore is compatible with the historical walls
  • breathable and hygroscopic , prevents the formation of mold and condensation, regulates the hygrometric content of the environments
  • reversible and compatible with the historical walls
  • completely recyclable and / or disposable as inert at the end of life

Wall K SRG allows the effective coupling of reinforcement nets or strips in steel, basalt, glass fiber, etc. to vertical or horizontal walls (masonry, vaults, floors) in order to improve their resistance to static or dynamic loads, to adapt their structural behavior and to improve their resistance to the earthquake. The reinforcement can be localized or extended and foresees a number of punctual connections of the reinforcement net to the wall structure through suitable connectors according to the project.
Wall K SRG can be applied on walls or vaults in solid brick, mixed stone, tuff or calcarenite, and in general on elements in bricks, masonry brick, brick in sand and cement etc. Wall K SRG is characterized by excellent grip and elasticity also to smooth and / or slightly absorbent substrates such as concrete, water-repellent plasters, plasters with old paint or paste finishes and therefore it performs excellent adhesion roughing function in preparation for laying of civil plasters, thermal plasters or reinforcing plasters
The main fields of application are summarized below:

  • Reinforced or localized reinforced reinforcement with metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber nets of the appropriate type and suitably to the masonry, on walls in stone, tuff or brick.
  • Reinforcement localized on masonry walls in order to prevent kinematic wall portions in the presence of static or dynamic stresses (overturning walls, appearance of hinges in vaults ecc.)
  • Reinforcement extended or localized to the extrados of vaults in solid brick or in mixed stone with the execution of armed hood or reinforcing strips with nets in metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber suitably connected to the vault.
  • Reinforcement of pillars or reinforcement on the intrados of solid brick beams.
  • Reinforced solid brick curbs.
  • concrete, water repellent plasters or plasters with old paint or finishes.